Whether we are researching new investment opportunities, closely monitoring current positions or keeping a watchful eye on developing risks in global markets, clients’ portfolios are our top priority.

Over many decades, we have developed a time-tested investment strategy. Here are its hallmarks:

  • High-Quality
    The equity core of our portfolios is comprised of some of the most well-known global companies. We look for businesses with high and stable profit margins, high barriers to entry, strong balance sheets and well-recognized brands.
  • Value Focused
    We stay away from investment fads and seek out bargains where low expectations prevail.
  • Risk-Management & Defensiveness
    The mission of our firm is to not only grow portfolios, but to also protect and preserve wealth. We have a strong track record of being defensive for our clients during difficult markets and utilizing various strategies to attempt to moderate volatility.
  • Opportunistic
    We take advantage of distressed sellers wherever the opportunity presents itself to pursue enhanced returns. Rather than sticking with a rigid or stodgy formula, we will modify our clients’ allocation as conditions evolve and as new opportunities arise.

No strategy is guaranteed to achieve the desired outcome.