For over 16 years, Shrier Wealth Management has had a reputation for excellence in client service and working towards desired results on our clients’ behalf.

Here are our key commitments to all of our clients:

  • Independent Financial Advice
    We offer our clients objective investment and financial planning recommendations without the use of any proprietary products.
  • Fee-Based Advice
    We manage wealth on a fee basis, so our interests are aligned with our clients’ and we remain entirely focused on your goals. We do not charge commissions on the investments that we buy for you on an advisory basis.*
  • Risk Management
    The mission of our firm is to not only grow portfolios, but to also protect and preserve wealth. We have a strong track record of taking strong action as we seek to moderate volatility in the portfolios and protect our clients during difficult markets.
  • Transparency & Accessibility
    We take great pride in being readily accessible to our clients and in serving our clients quickly and effectively.
  • Personalized Service
    Your portfolio is constructed and managed for your individual risk tolerance, financial goals and income needs. We spend the time getting to know each of our clients well so that we understand your concerns, fears, and wishes with regard to your financial future.
  • Constant Asset Supervision
    We are constantly monitoring our clients’ accounts. Staying on top of all market developments is extremely important to our firm.
  • Opportunistic Approach
    We make the necessary changes to work toward staying ahead of the market and take advantage of new opportunities. Your portfolio will evolve as conditions change and as new opportunities arise.
  • We Invest Side-by-Side with Our Clients
    We only buy investments that we believe in. Period.

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*Nominal transaction charges and internal expenses charged by certain investment products may apply. Commissions may apply to brokerage and insurance services.